Needle Phobes: How do I deal with blood draws?

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Needle Phobes: How do I deal with blood draws?

After years of being unable to do anything with needles near me I have finally found a system that works for me. Hopefully it will work for you too! If you can, always try and go to the same lab (if you get a choice).

After the first couple visits, find the nurse that you like best. Don’t only look at personality and who makes you comfortable and relax, but also look at the techniques they use. Everyone does blood drawing a little differently. Some go quick, some slow. Find what you like the best.

Then pick a song that you really like and makes you comfortable. Mine is “Dear John” by Taylor Swift, Every time you are going to come into contact with a needle play this song, even if it is only in one ear.

Then while you wait in the waiting room, put something in your mouth. A lollipop, gum, hard candy, something that lasts a while and you really like.

Also don’t forget to breathe! If you are really tense your blood clots more readily. This makes it not only even more painful, but most likely they will have to redraw it.

Best of Luck

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