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Prevent ticks in your yard

You can keep your yard in such a way so as to decrease tick populations.  I have a few  basics to help keep the tick populations at a minimum:

  • Guinea hens will eat up any ticks in your yard.  READ MORE
  • Barberry increases tick populations and reproductive success. READ MORE
  • Keep the yard as light as possible.  Ticks prefer darkness.  Don’t let them have it.
  • Reduce habitats for mice in order to decrease the nymph population.  This means…
    • If you keep trash and recycling bins outside, rinse out the food containers before you put them in the bins.  Mice won’t be as attracted to your yard.
    • Remove brush piles and wood piles from your yard or at least away from the house.  Mice use them as homes.
    • Mint planted around a garden tends to deter mice. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
    • The fact is, you may very well not be able to control all of the mice around your yard.  Tick tubes will help control tick populations on mice on your property.  Tick tubes contain permethrin infused cotton.  The mice collect the cotton for their nests.  The treated nests control the ticks on the mice.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
    • Make your own tick tubes CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
  • Line the perimeter of your lawn with gravel or mulch.  Ticks do not like to cross it.
  • Don’t attract deer.  If you have fruit trees, keep fruit off of the ground.
  • Fences not only keep deer out, they keep your pets in and out of tick habitat.
  • As much as I love birds, bird feeders attract squirrels and mice, both tick hosts.  Bird feeders should either be removed or at least moved to a low traffic area away from where people or pets frequent.
  • Promise of a new biological control Source
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