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New Research on Lyme Disease, inflammation, and more

I try to stay current on anything and everything Lyme/tick related.  You never know when the brilliant breakthrough will appear.  I’ll post the biggest news here.

  • A new test for Lyme disease from a summer intern READ MORE
  • Stevia shows promise in killing Borrelia READ MORE
  • launches MyLymeData – patient powered research project READ MORE
  • The link between Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s READ MORE
  • How an abundance of acorns increases the risk Lyme disease risk READ MORE
  • Blood donors can help with Babesiosis research READ MORE
  • Lyme disease a growing concern in Alabama READ MORE
  • New research grant at Bates College READ MORE
  • NY state funds further local Lyme disease research READ MORE
  • Evidence of transmission of Babesiosis to a baby prior to birth READ MORE
  • CDC-IDSA Clandestine Lyme guidelines meetings violate law, advocates say READ MORE
  • An Amazing idea!  Safe trick-or-treating for kids with food sensitivities  READ MORE
  • PA Lyme task force report READ MORE
  • Center for treating lingering lyme in Boston READ MORE
  • German based InfectoLab with new #Lyme disease testing to be established at SUNY Adirondack READ MORE
  • Hope for Lyme disease prevention READ MORE
  • Lyme patient advocates document misinformation campaign by IDSA guidelines panelists READ MORE
  • Lyme disease guidelines panelists engage in coordinated propaganda campaign READ MORE 
  • Lyme linked to panic attacks READ MORE
  • Testing a Lyme vaccine for mice to reduce the spread of Borrelia bacteria READ MORE
  • German lab specializing in unique Lyme testing looks to expand to northern NY READ MORE
  • “Persisters” may be the reason for lingering Lyme disease READ MORE
  • Ticks carrying Lyme bacteria in Sudbury, Ontario READ MORE
  • Vitamin D prevents arthritis in mice with Lyme bacteria READ MORE
  • Kudos to the efforts of Virginia high school students for Lyme vaccine research READ MORE
  • Rhode Island Lyme educator and advocate READ MORE
  • Borrelia burgdorferi found in a third species of tick READ MORE
  • Borrelia burgdorferi temporarily suppress the immune system of their host CITATION
  • A ‘hidden epidemic’ has ballooned into a public-health fiasco – and no solutions are in sight READ MORE
  • Cost of Lyme: from a little to a lot READ MORE
  • Dartmouth woman among the first diagnosed with miyamotoi READ MORE
  • Lyme Disease is Spreading and It’s People’s Fault READ MORE
  • New Lyme Disease Health and Wellness Center to Open on Cape Cod this Fall READ MORE
  • Researchers dissect ticks, searching for clues to in their DNA READ MORE
  • Stories of recovery and creating your own recovery plan READ MORE
  • Lyme research goes mainstream at Johns Hopkins READ MORE
  • Celebrities with lyme disease. READ MORE
  • Bug off!  Consumer Reports reveals the best insect repellents  READ MORE
    • It’s not quite this simple. Consumer Reports tested only disease-free ticks. Yet, when carrying Borrelia (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease), tick behavior is altered. They also only ran tests on skin not fabrics when some people are likely to apply repellents to clothing.
  • Maple syrup extract could fight antibiotic resistance and break biofilm barrier  READ MORE
  • Top natural treatments for lyme disease  READ MORE
  • Cape Cod a hot spot for Babesiosis  READ MORE
  • New tick-borne illness could be worse than lyme  READ MORE
  • Avril Lavigne vents about doctors blowing off lyme disease in 8-month search for diagnosis  READ MORE
  • Increasing evidence points to inflammation as source of nervous system manifestations of lyme disease READ MORE
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